We Sold OUT at Baltimore Con

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Thanks to everyone who supported us and our new publisher Braindead comics http://www.myspace.com/braindeadcomicbooks   We sold out of everything we brought-comics, T-shirts, books, and art. Thanks Again guys!!!




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Look for the Braindead comics booth in October’s Baltimore Comic Con- NEW BOOKS, COMICS, MERCH, and other cools things to check out.

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Pin-up in ZOTM short

Pin-up in ZOTM short

See You At Baltimore Comic Con!

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Look for us in Baltimore at the Braindead comics booth. We’ll have new comics, T-shirts, and Original Art!!!

-Don and Erick


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Help get us one step closer to publication!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to DimeStoreProductions.com
  2. Register – It’s Free!
  3. Click on “IDOL” on the left hand side of the page
  4. Click on “IDOL FORUM HOME” near the center of the page
  5. Scroll Down, Click on “ROUND 2: ZOMBIE OF THE MONTH”
  6. Click on “POST REPLY”
  7. Type a big fat “YES” in the comment box
  8. Click “SUBMIT”
  9. Repeat ONCE A DAY until MAY 4th!

*Wait for ZOMBIE OF THE MONTH to hit store shelves near you!

Thanks in advance,

-Don and Erick

We’re in Small Press Idol!

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Here’s the big news I told you about earlier… we’re in Dimestore Productions’ annual comic book contest, Small Press Idol!

We’re trying our d*mndest to make it into round three, and we’re gonna need YOUR help! As soon as we can, we’ll fill you in on the voting instructions, but for now, check us out on DimeStore’s website, and see what we’re up against!