Hello Universe!

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are ZOMBIE OF THE MONTH – a comedic, adult-oriented comic book created by Don Kunkel (creator, pencils, inks, letters) and Erick Kwiecien (creator, writer, colors) that centers around the exploits of a working-class, alcoholic zombie named Roy.

Sound interested? We thought so.

In the upcoming days, weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come, we hope you’ll get to know Roy and his supporting cast of characters (both living and non) a whole lot better! For now, browse around, drop us a comment or two, give us your feedback, and above all, don’t let anyone eat your brain!

P.S. We’ve got some huge news for you that we’ll be revealing as soon as possible! So stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Hello Universe!”

  1. THIS IS GREAT!!!! I love zombies and this comic book sounds perfect for me, when can I get a copy??????????

  2. Well… as of right now our comic is in a contest called the Small Press Idol which voting will start soon @ dimestoreproductions.com and last through May 4th. You can vote once a day until the deadline. Unfortunately, we can not release the origin issue until the contest ends which is in July. Fortunately we are releasing a spin-off book about Roy our main character sometime in June.
    Which will give everyone a good idea of what the ZOTM universe is like. We’ll post more about the project as we’re allowed by the contest contract, but
    if you have any questions let us know.


  3. […] the big news I told you about earlier… we’re in Dimestore Production’s annual comic book contest, Small Press […]

  4. PLEASE if you’re not already voting for Zombie of the Month @ dimestoreproductions.com everyday. WE ARE SERIOUS BEHIND and the projects beating us SUCK ASS- if you haven’t signed up already here’s how-
    1. go to dimestoreproductions.com
    2. click on register and register (note leave the time zones alone even if its wrong 4 you)
    3. activate (it will come to your email and it may be in your junk mail box)
    4. once activated sign in to dimestore and click on idol on the left
    5. then find zombie of the month under round three (should be last name)
    6. click on offical vote under round 3 (small print on the bottom left and make sure you see the 3 pages of zotm to assure it’s round 3 thread
    7. scroll down to the bottom and type YES in the box and post it
    8. PLEASE do this everyday until the voting stops or it doesn’t let you

    Thanks to everyone supporting us

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