We’re a featured blog!

We’re currently the #1 featured art blog on WordPress.com! If you don’t believe us, and think we’re just a bunch of lying, thieving scoundrels, then head on over to wordpress.com/tag/art/ and see for your own d*mn self!


2 Responses to “We’re a featured blog!”

  1. schildan Says:

    Congratulations! I was the number one featured “art” blog for several weeks about a month ago, and my articles had nothing to do with art. I wrote articles on how the Romans might have sailed sailing ships to Mars fifteen hundred years ago.

    Actually, I was featured on Art, Books, and Culture at the same time. This meant that I was featured in the “ABCs” of wordpress tags listed on the wordpress main page.

    Sorry to brag, but you started it.

    P.S. at one point I was featured in Art, Books, Book Reviews, Culture, Entertainment, Random, Fantasy, Fiction, literature, reading, science, technology and satire at the exact same point.

    But now people are tired of me and my ratings have dropped down to normal. They’ll do it to you too!

  2. Silly Schildan everyone knows you can’t sail ships to Mars.

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