About ZOTM

Following in the George A. Romero tradition of utilizing the zombie genre as a subtle socio-political critique, ZOMBIE OF THE MONTH proceeds to delve into areas previously unexplored. Effectively, our series picks up where SHAUN OF THE DEAD leaves off; that is, with the human race having integrated the undead into the private sector, where they make them perform society’s decidedly more un-glamorous tasks (the bulk of our story is set in a Wal*Mart-type mega-consumer store).

However, what further separates Zombie of the Month from the pack is the fact that our zombies are individuals who have evolved to a state where they are virtually indistinguishable from their still-living counterparts. Without any physical indication of their condition (aside from their green complexion and apparent lack of pupils), nor any intellectual or behavioral differences from humans (i.e. our main character, Roy, is an alcoholic zombie, who has a tumultuous relationship with his lover – a human morgue employee), our zombies have simply joined the rest of the races of the world who are judged solely because of the color of their skin… and the fact that they rose from the dead.

This series will generate interest from those outside the realm of zombie/horror fans, due to our unique blend of absurdist humor, adventure, relentless sexual innuendo, pop culture references, and a generally twisted/skewed worldview. Furthermore, many will be able to relate to our use of the living dead as a metaphor for the disenfranchised/ignored minority/working class. Those who may not see that connection will be able to appreciate our story as an ongoing commentary on those who feel like they’re trapped in an inescapable situation, and/or feel like they’re aimlessly skating through their existence (thus, like a zombie).

We genuinely thank you for your time, consideration, and hopefully your vote.


Don Kunkel and Erick Kwiecien


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